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How to create duplicate company in tally

Sometimes you need to create a duplicate company to change transaction in tally to file Income tax returns or another purpose. At this time you need to keep original data and create a duplicate company to finalize accounts. 

This tutorial helps you, best way to copy original data and how to create a duplicate company. 

For Example, I have company data in the name of VASU & CO. I need to create a duplicate company. Follow the below steps and video tutorial to create the duplicate company in the tally.

> From Gateway of Tally Click on F1: Select Cmp from the Right side panel
> Note the Path (Eg: E:\Tally.ERP9\Data)
> In the list of companies, Note Required Company Folder Name (Eg: 10001)

how to copy and paste data in tally
How to Know Data Saved Path in Tally

Close Tally

> Go to My Computer and open Path-> E Drive
> Click on Tally.ERP9 Folder
> Click on Data File and select required company folder i.e: 10001
> Copy the 10001 folders and paste it in the same location.

> Now you can view another folder with the name of "10001 -Copy"
> Just change the folder name form "10001 - Copy" to "10002" or etc. 
(Recommended: Change folder name as last serial number) 

Open Tally

> From Gateway of Tally Click on F1: Select Cmp from the Right side panel
> Tally displays two VASU & CO Companies with the same data. 

1) Orgina Company: VASU & CO (10001)
2) Duplicate Company: VASU & CO (10002)

how to know data saved location path in tally
Create Duplicate Company In Tally

> Select Duplicate Company VASU & CO (10002) 
> Press F3: Cmp Info from the Right Side Panel
> Clic on Alter 
> Select VASU & CO (10002) 
> Change Name  as per your requirment (Eg: VASU & CO Dulicate) 
> Press Ctrl+A to save

> Press F1: Select Cmp from the Right Side Panel
> Select VASU & CO Duplicate (10002) and change transactions as per your requirement.


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