JV: Journal Voucher
CV: Cash Voucher
BV: Bank Voucher
CPV: Cash Payment Voucher
BPV: Bank Payment Voucher
TB: Trial Balance
BS: Balance Sheet
BRS: Bank Reconciliation Statement
D.C: Delivery Challan
P.O: Purchase Order


I.T: Income Tax
I.T Returns:  Income Tax Returns
TDS : TaxDeducted at Source
TCS:  Tax Collected at Source
ITD: Income Tax Department of India
PAN: Permanent  Account Number
TRACES: TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System
NSDL: National Security Depository Limited 
TAN: Tax Account Number
IT Dept: Income Tax Department
NIC: National Informatics Centre
LLP: Limited Liability Partnership
ITSC: Income-tax Settlement Commission


ST: Sales Tax
VAT: Value Added Tax
CST: Central Sales Tax
GST: Goods and Services Tax
TIN: Tax Identification Number 

CTO: Commercial Tax officer
CTD: Commercial Tax Department
AP VAT: Andhra Pradesh Value Added Tax
TN VAT: Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax
WB CT:West Bengal Commercial Taxes
TINXSYS:Tax Information Exchange System


ED: Excise Duty
ST: Service Tax CD: Customs Duty
CBSC: Central Board of Excise and Customs
EOU:Export Oriented Undertakings
FTZ:Free Trade Zone
NCCD: National Calamity Contingent Duty
SEZ: Special Economic Zone
DTA: Domestic Tariff Area


IFSC: Indian Financial System Code
NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer
RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement
MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
PC: Packing Credit
LC: Letter of Credit
PD Cheques: Post Dated Cheques
C.A/c: Current Account
C.C.A/c: Cash Credit Account
P.C.A/c: Packing Credit Account
S.B.A/C: Saving  Bank Account
F.D: Fixed Deposit
D.D: Demand Draft
T.T: TelegraphicTransfer
BG: Bank Guarantee
FIRC: Foreign Exchange Inward Remittance Certificate
RBI: Reserve Bank of India
NSDL: National Security Depository Limited
L.D.S: Latest Date of Shipment
G.R: Goods Receipt
U.T.R.No: Unique Transaction Reference Number
KYC :Know Your Customer
NBFC: Non-Banking Financial Companies
TTC: Transaction Type Code
FEMA: Foreign Exchange Management Act
NRI: Non Resident Indian
NRO: Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account
PIO: Persons of Indian Origin
IBA: Indian Banks’ Association
WLA: White Label ATM
ATM: Automated Teller Machine
PPF: Public Provident Fund
QFI: Qualified Foreign Investors
RFPI: Registered Foreign Portfolio Investors
FIPB: Foreign Investment Promotion Board
NRI: Non-resident Indian
TDR: Transferable Development Rights
FII: Foreign Institutional Investor
IFC: International Finance Corporation
CDC: Commonwealth Development Corporation
PSU: Public Sector Undertakings
ADB: Asian Development Bank
UCB: Urban Co-operative Banks
SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
BIC: Business Identifier Codes
FI:Financial Institutions


POA: Power Of Attorney
SPA: Special Power of Attorney
GPA: General Power of Attorney
JDA: Joint Development Agreement


IE Code: Import and Export Code
LDS: Latest Date of Shipment
B.L: Bill of Lading
SB: Shipping Bill
CD: Customs Duty
FIRC: Foreign Exchange Inward Remittance Certificate
EPCG: Export Promotion Capital Goods
C.A.D: Cash Against Documents
F.O.B: Free On Board
C.I.F: Cost Insurance Freight
C.N.F: Cost and Freight
D.D.P: Delivered Duty Paid  
L.D.S: Latest Date of Shipment
G.R: Goods Receipt
E.V.D: Export Value Declaration

SEBI (Securities Exchange Board Of India)

ABBREVIATIONS FROM SEBI(Securities Exchange Board Of India)

AMBI -Association of Merchant Bankers of India

AMC -Asset Management Company

AMFI- Association of Mutual Funds in India

APRC- Asia Pacific Regional Committee

ASR -Annual Statistical Report

BOLT -BSE On-Line Trading

BgSE -Bangalore Stock Exchange

BSE -The Stock Exchange, Mumbai

BSE -Natex BSE National Index (100 Scrips)

BSE -Sensex BSE Sensitive Index (30 Scrips)

CAG -Comptroller and Auditor General of India

CDSL- Central Depository Services Limited

CIS -Collective Investment Schemes

CLA -Central Listing Authority

CNS -Continuous Net Settlement

CRA -Credit Rating Agency

CRISIL- Credit Rating and Information Services of India Ltd

DCA- Department of Company Affairs

DFI -Development Financial Institution

DIP -Guidelines Disclosure and Investor Protection Guidelines

DPs -Depository Participants

DSE -Delhi Stock Exchange

DVP -Delivery versus Payment

ECS -Electronic Clearing and Settlement

EDIFAR -Electronic Data Information Filing and Retrieval

EFT- Electronic Funds Transfer

ETFs- Exchange Traded Funds

ELSS- Equity Linked Saving Scheme

EMC- Emerging Markets Committee

ERO- Eastern Regional Office (SEBI)

ESOS- Employee Stock Options Scheme

ESPS- Employee Stock Purchase Scheme

F & O- Segment Futures & Options Segment

FCDs- Fully Convertible Debentures

FEMA- Foreign Exchange Management Act, 2000

FERA- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973

FIFO- First In First Out Method

FIIs- Foreign Institutional Investors

FIs- Financial Institutions

FIRE- Financial Institutions Reform and Expansion

FMC- Forward Markets Commission (India)

FoF- Fund of Funds

FSF- Financial Stability Forum

FVCI- Foreign Venture Capital Investor

GDP- Gross Domestic Product

GIC- General Insurance Corporation

ICAI- Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

ICSE- Inter-Connected Stock Exchange

IDFC- Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation

IL&FS- Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services

IOSCO- International Organisation of Securities Commissions

IPO- Initial Public Offer

IRDs- Interest Rate Derivatives

ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network

ISIN- International Securities Identification Number

LSE- Ludhiana Stock Exchange

LAN- Local Area Network

MF- Mutual Fund

MSE- Madras Stock Exchange

MoU- Memorandum of Understanding
NAV- Net Asset Value

NBFCs- Non-Banking Financial CompaniesNCAER -National Council of Applied Economic Research

NCDs- Non-Convertible Debentures

NCDS- Non Convertible Debt Securities

NCFM NSE- Certification on Financial Management

NCLT- National Company Law Tribunal

NPA- Non-Performing Assets

NRI- Non-Resident Indian

NRO- Northern Regional Office (SEBI)

NSCCL- National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited

NSDL- National Securities Depository Limited

NSEIL- National Stock Exchange of India Limited

OCBs- Overseas Corporate Bodies

OECD- Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

OFCs- Offshore Financial Centres

OIC- Overseas Investor Cell
OTCEI -Over-The-Counter-Exchange of India

PCD- Partially Convertible Debenture

PMAC- Primary Market Advisory Committee

PSU- Public Sector Undertaking

QIBs- Qualified Institutional Buyers

RAIN- Registrars Association of India

ROC- Registrar of Companies

RTI- Registrar to the Issue

RTA- Registrars and Share Transfer Agent/s

S&P- CNX NIFTY S&P CNX NIFTY Index (50 Scrips)

SAT- Securities Appellate Tribunal

SC(R)- Act Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956

SC(R)R-, 1957 Securities Contract (Regulation) Rules, 1957

SGF- Settlement Guarantee Fund

SHCIL Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited

SMEs Small and Medium Enterprises

SMTI Securities Market Training Institute

SROs Self Regulatory Organisations

STA Share Transfer Agent

STP Straight Through Processing

T-Bills Treasury Bills

UTI Unit Trust of India

USAID United States Aid for International Development

VaR Value-at-Risk

VCFs Venture Capital Funds

VCU Venture Capital Undertaking

VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal

WAN Wide Area Network

WAP Wireless Application Protoco
WDM Wholesale Debt Market


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