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Fill H-Form Utilisation Excel File (Andhrapradesh Sales Tax) Transaction Period AFTER 2nd June 2014

After Downloaded the H-Form Utilisation Excel File, Fill the Excel File as follows:

> Enter Exporter/Purchaser ( Your Company ) TIN Number
   Note: TIN No must start with 37
> Select Quarter. (Quarter selection is based on Invoice/s date)
  • April, May, June (1st Quarter)
  • July, August, Sep (2nd Quarter)
  • Oct, Nov, Dec (3rd Quarter)
  • Jan, Feb, Mar (4th Quarter)
> Enter Purchase Invoice/s Year Date.
Eg-1: If Invoice Date: 28-10-2014, Enter Year as 2014.
Eg-2: If Invoice Date: 05-01-2015, Enter Year as 2015.
Note: Year must be ON/AFTER 2014

> Enter Buyer Purchase order No / Letter of Credit (L.C) No / Any other agreement No.
  • If not available Just Enter N/A
> Your must enter Purchase order Dt / Letter of Credit (L.C) Dt / Any other agreement Dt.
  • Date must be (dd-mm-yyyy) Format.
  • This date must be before the Purchase Invoice/s Date.

> Column A: Enter Sl.No (Eg.1,2,3)
> Column B: Enter Seller TIN Number.
> Column C: Enter Seller Name (Maximum: 100 Characters)
> Column D: Enter Seller Address (Maximum: 250 Characters)

> Column E: Enter Vehicle No.
If Vehicle number is not applicable when goods are transported through:
  • If by Parcel service mention: By Parcel
  • If goods are transported by train mention: By Train
  • If goods are transported by courier mention: By Courier
> Column F: Enter Courier or transporter name. Ex: By GATI, SRMT etc.,
  • If Transporters name is not applicable mention By Train/ By Courier
> Column G: Enter Purchase Invoice No.
> Column H: Enter Purchase Invoice Date (Date Format (dd-mm-yyyy).
  • Invoice date must be After 2nd June 2014
  • The dates Should be within the Selected Quarter and Year
  • Invoice date must be later the Agreement no.
> Column I: Select Commodity.
  • If Commodity not found in the list select, Others from the list.
  • If Multiple commodities are transported through single invoice select Multiple goods from the list.
> Column J: Enter Invoice total Qty.
  • If Commodity selected is ‘Multiple Goods’, enter the total quantity number in Quantity field.
> Column K: Select unit from list like MTS, Quintals, KGs.
  • In case of ‘Multiple Goods’, use NA as Unit of measurement.
> Column L: Enter value of Goods in Rupees without paise.

After enter the all date in the excel sheet, save this file in your computer for READY to upload.

Important Points to Fill the H-Form Utilization Excel File
  • Quarter selection is based on Invoice date. (Eg: Invoice dt is 05-10-2014. so you must select 3rd Quarter)
  • Agreement Date : Enter Agreement Date in dd-mm-yyyy format (EX. 01-05-2014) and the Agreement date Should be Less than the Invoice dates.
  • Column H: Invoice dt format (dd-mm-yyy). Eg: 01-08-2014. don't enter 01-8-2014 or 01.08.2014
  • Don't use special characters in whole excel sheet. Eg: ", ', =, + etc.
  • All Columns in Excel File are Mandatory.
  • Don’t Leave empty rows between the data rows.


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