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Generate C-Form (Telangana Sales Tax)


How to issue the “C” Forms for Quarter –I (April to June) as the TIN will going to change from 2nd June
Dealers for the purchases made on interstate basis from 01/04/2014 to 01/06/2014 may issue “C” Forms for the said purchases, treating the said period as one quarter, as there is no stipulation that  only one “C” Form has to be issued for all the purchases from a single seller during a quarter. What all CST Rules stipulate is a single “C” Form may cover purchases made in a quarter.

For CST purchases of goods from 02/06/2014 to 30/06/2014, separate “C” Forms may be issued.

“C” Forms not obtained as on 02/06/2014 for the earlier transactions. Whether to be obtained with new TIN or old TIN and from whom?
They have to quote the old TIN and request “C” Forms from the concerned assessing authority under whose jurisdiction, they come on or after 02/06/2014.

Whether new “C” Forms / other Statutory Forms will be issued for Telangana State
Steps are being taken to issue new “C” Forms and other statutory Forms for the State of Telangana for the transactions on or after 02/06/2014.


> Open Telangana Commercial Tax Website
> Click on eReturns
> Enter your TIN Number, Password & Verification Code
  Note: TIN No Must start with "36"
> From Dealer Profile Table, Select "C Form" radio button.

Fille the Following Details:
1.Select Quarter. (Quarter selection is based on Invoice/s  date)
2.Select Year. (Year also based on Invoice/s date)
Note: Year Must be ON or AFTER 2014.
3.Enter Seller TIN Number.
Hint: Search VAT and CST Dealer Name
4.Enter Seller Company Name.
5.Enter Seller Address
6.Enter Invoice No.
7.Enter Invoice Date [Date Format (ddmmyyyy)]
[Note: Invoice Date must be after 02-June-2014]
8.Enter Invoice Value.
9.Select State, which is seller state.
10.This is field is generated automatically (i.e: Telangana)
10A.This is field is generated automatically (i.e: C-Form Utilised Date)
11.Select "Commodity" from list.
"If required commodity is not appearing in list, please approach CTO to add commodity to CST Registration database".
12.Enter Invoice total Qty.
13.Select 'UOM' from the list.

> After enter the all details, click on "Add Invoice"
> If Invoice uploaded successfully, it shows successful message.
> Now you can see following screen.

> If you update another invoice just re-enter the Invoice Details, then click on "Update Invoice"> After uploaded completed, Just verify all Details, then click on "Generate Waybill/c-Form"

Print the C-Form:

From the 'e-WAYBILLS/C FORMS' Tab, Click on "REPRINT FORM"
Form Type: Select 'C Form'
From Date & To Date: Enter C-Form Utilised Dates (Refer Point No: 10A)

Click on required C-Form.
Take the print. (Recommended Use "Internet Explorer")

> Just Sign and Put Company Seal on Bottom of the Form.
> File "Counterfoil" in your C-Forms File and Remaining (Duplicate & Original) Forms issue to Seller/Supplier.

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  1. Vehicle number field is compulsory. As it comes in transport we don't have the vehicle number. What to key there ?

    1. Dear Mr.Srigopal Bhattad,

      Enter transport/courier consignment number.

  2. I have more than 5 invoices . can i generate 2 C forms for 1 quarter.

  3. Dear Mr.Sridhar,

    Thank u for ur comment. You can generate more than one C-Form for one quarter for one supplier.

    Thanks & Regards

  4. when i click on "create e waybill/C, F form" I don't get any options under the dealer profile to select. Help, please.

    1. Hi,

      send screen shot to our mail ID we will solve your problem.


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