Tuesday, December 26, 2017

GSTR 1 - GSTIN or UIN is not specified error in Tally


GSTIN/UIN is not specified/invalid

When creating Sundry Debtors ledger in the tally, you must specify correct Sundry Debtor GST type and details. If not specified or mentioned incorrect details, you will get the following error message on GSTR-1 report in the tally.

Error Message in GSTR-1 Report: GSTIN/UIN is not specified/Invalid

Read and Follow STEP-1 and STEP-2 to solve the above error

STEP-1: How to know GSTR 1 Errors details in tally
> From Gate of Tally goto > Display > StatutOry Reports > GST> GSTR-1
> From Left side panel Select F2: Period and enter required GSTR 1 date: 
(Eg- From: 01.10.2017, To: 31.10.2017)

Tally shows GSTR-1 Returns Summary Window

"Incomplete/Mismatch in information (to be resolved) - xx (Eg:9)"

> Select
"Information required for generating table-wise details not provided"

> Find out above error message (GSTIN/UIN is Not...) and note all Customers /Sundry Debtor details.

gstin is not specified or invalid error in tally

STEP-2: SOLVE ERROR message of GSTIN/UIN IS not specified/invalid

> From Gateway of Tally  goto > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Alter
> Select Customer Ledger (Eg: SUNIL COMPUTER SERVICES)
> Update Country, State and
> Set/alter GST Details ?: Type Y/Yes and Press Enter

GSTIN is not specified error in Tally

In the GST Details Screen enter Following details.

Registration Type: Select Regular/Composition/Consumer/Unregister(Select type of your supplier)
Is a e-Commerce operator: Type No/Yes as per your supplier type
Party Type: Select as per your supplier type
GSTIN/UIN: Enter Supplier correct GST number (Eg: 36AAAFS1234F4ZK)

Check STEP-1 to verify error.

Still, GSTR-1 shows error message, follow the below step

> From Gateway of Tally  goto > Display > Accounts Books 
> Sales Register
> Select Month: Eg: October
> Select customers sale voucher (Select Error customer in GSTR-1)
> In the Accounting Voucher Alteration, Select Party A/c Name 
> In the Despatch Details, Select Correct Country, Name and Enter CORRECT GST Number and Press CTRL+A to the sale voucher.

In the same way, correct all Invoice details.


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