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how to add grid lines in ledger statement in tally


A lot of Tally users asked us, how to send statements (Ledgers, Trial Balance, Stock Statements, Debtors list, Creditors list, with Gridlines/Borders)

In this tutorial, we will explain, how to add Lines/Borders in the Ledger statement (All Statements) in Tally. By default tally not shows Lines/Borders in the leger statement.  But our simple tip is helpful for insert Lines/Borders in the ledger statement. Just Export ledger statement in excel format and apply Lines/Borders.

ledger statement with lines in tally erp 9

The above image clearly shows statement with Lines/Borders is perfectly good and better understand by readers.

From Gateway of Tally select: 

  • > Display
  • > Account Books
  • > Ledger
  • > Enter required Ledger Name
  • > From Right Side Panel Click on F2: Period  (Short Cutkey: Alt+F2)
  • > Enter Required Month Date: Eg: From: 01.04.2020 To 31.10.2020

Click on E: Export button on TOP Panel.

Click on backspace and set as follows:

  • Language: Default (All Languages)
  • Format: Excel (Spreadsheet)
  • Export Location: Enter Export Location 
  • Out file Name: Enter Excel File name (Eg: Prakash Dis.xlsx) 
Note: (.xlsx) must be added at the end [as per your excel version]
  • Output sheet name: Enter name as per your requirement
  • Update existing file: No
  • Excel (Spreadsheet) formatting: Yes
  • with colour: set as per your requirement
  • Open Exported File: Yes

and set other options as per your requirements.

ledger statement excel export configuration in tally

Press Ctrl+A to save

Now Tally shows the Selected ledger statement in excel format.

Select required cells to apply borders/lines, then select Borders option from Home Tab as required

tally ledger statement formating 

After modifying the excel sheet save the file and mail/print/ convert to PDF format etc as required.

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