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how to know gst registration number from tin number

When GST Return filing, GST Invoice Preparing and GST e-wayill generating etc., you need to know customer/buyer GST Registration number. 

In the past, you have TIN number of your customer/buyer, but you don't have GST registration number of your customer/buyer. 

When uploading GSTR-1 (Business to Business), you need to GST registration number of your customer/buyer. For this regards, we have posted this tutorial. 

Watch Video Tutorial

Follow the following two steps to know GST registration number from TIN Number.

STEP: 1)  Know PAN Number from TIN Number
After getting the PAN number, you are ready to know GST Registration Number.
STEP: 2) Know GST Registration number from PAN Number

STEP: 1) Short Tutorial:
Know PAN Number from TIN Number

> Click on "Dealer / Form Search" from Right Side Panel
> Click on "I Agree" Button"
> If you Know dealer TIN No, Click on "Search By TIN" or If you know dealer CST No, Click on "Search By CST Number"
> Enter TIN Number, then Click on "Search" button.

Note: If you have Selected Search By CST Number, select State then enter Dealer CST Number, then click on Search button.)

> Now you can see PAN Number. 

STEP:1  Full Tutorial.
Option-A: Know PAN Number from TIN Number

how to know gst registration details from pan number
How to Know GST Registration Number from TIN Number [Image 2 of 3]

STEP:2) Short Tutorial:
Know GST Registration number from PAN Number

> Open the following website/url
> Click on "Search Taxpayer" from top of GST website
> Click on "Search by PAN
> Enter PAN Card Number
> Enter "Characters" you see in the image below
> Click on "Search" button

Now you can view your 11 digits GST Registration Number and Registered State.

Note: If More then one or more GST Registration on PAN Number, GST Website will display all GST Registration states GST Numbers.


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