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gst tutorial in tally lesson 12 - igst sales entry

For Trading Company


On 28.10.2017 Vasu & Co Sold the following stock items to M/s.MTC PVT LTD, Maharashtra vide Invoice No: 9/2017-18.

  • TWO HP DESKTOP  @ 25,000 + IGST 18%   
  • ONE DELL DESKTOP  @ 27,000 + IGST 18%   
  • TWO LENOVO DESKTOP  @ 26,000 + IGST 18%  
  • TWO LG MOBILES  @ 10,000 + IGST 12%  
  • ONE SAMSUNG MOBILES  @ 14,000 + IGST 12%   
  • TWO MI MOBILES  @ 9,000 + IGST 12%  
Please Note the Following Point:
Supplier State is Telangana and Customer State is Maharashtra. This is INTER-State (Outside State) Supply and applies IGST. 

In our previous lessons, you already created ledgers, Group, Units of Measure and Stock Item. In addition, you have to create the MTC PVT LTD & IGST Ledgers for Lesson-12

When creating MTC PVT LTD Ledger take care state selection, gst details. 

Inter State Supply (IGST) Entry in Tally

> From Gateway of Tally Select Accounting Vouchers -> F8: Sales
> Click F2: Date: Enter 28.10.2017
> Enter Any Ref Number or Skip 
> Party A/c name: Select MTC PVT LTD
> Enter PO Number, Dispatch Details etc, and Press CTRL+A
> Sales ledger: Select GST SALES

Name of Item: Select HP DESKTOPS 
Hint: Now you can view total HP Desktops Available Stock. (In our tutorial available 2 Nos)
Enter Qty:2 
Rate: 25,000 

Hint1: Press Alt+S to know Purchase Rate details in Stock Query Window. 
Hint2: In the Stock Query Window, Press F12: Configuration: and Show Transactions of All Parties set to Yes and Press Enter. Tally shows HP DESKTOPS sales details to all other customers.
> Press Esc to go to Accounting Voucher Creation.

stock details information when sale entry in tally
how to know available stock details when sales entry in tally

purchase rate details when sale transaction in tally
Hint1: how to know stock Purchase details when sales entry in tally

know to stock sold price details to another customer when sale entry in tally
Hint2- Press F12: Configuration: How to know stock sold details to other customers when sales entry in tally

know another customer sale price when sale entry in tally
Hint2- Know stock sales details to another customer when sale entry in tally

Name of Item: Select DELL DESKTOPS
Enter Qty:1 
Rate: 27,000 

Name of Item: Select LENOVO DESKTOPS
Enter Qty:2
Rate: 26,000 

Name of Item: Select LG MOBILES
Enter Qty:2
Rate: 10,000 

Name of Item: Select SAMSUNG MOBILES
Enter Qty:1
Rate: 14,000 

Name of Item: Select MI MOBILES
Enter Qty:2
Rate: 9,000 

> Select IGST (Because you have supplied to another state in India)
> Press CTRL+A to save sales voucher.

how to enter igst sales transaction in tally


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