Saturday, November 11, 2017

stock details in tally lesson 10

For Trading Company

In this tutorial, we will explain 

> How to know closing stock details for the particular period.
> How to know Particular Stock Purchase and Sales Details for the particular period

how to know stock details in tally

Know Closing Stock Details

> From Gate of Tally Select: Stock Summary
> From Left Side Panel: Select F2: Period
> Select From and To Date 
  • Eg: If you need Stock Purchase, Sales and Closing details from 01.10.2017 to 23.10.2017, then Select 
  • From: 01.10.2017
  • To: 23.10.2017

> From Left Side Panel: Select F1: Detailed

Now you can view Closing Stock details as on 23.10.2017

how to know stock purchase sales and closing details in tally

Know Purchase, Sales, and Closing Stock Details

> Select any Stock Item (Eg: HP DESKTOPS) then click on Enter

Tally shows month wise Inward (Purchases), Outward (Sales) and Closing Balance Details

> Inwards: It means Purchase Details
> Outwards: It means  Sales Details
> Closing Balance: It means Closing stock Details for which you have selected period.

inward outward closing stock details in tally

> Select month and press enter to know Purchase, Sales and Closing Stock details for Particular Month

Hint: From Right side panel Click on F12: Configure to view with more stock details
Eg: Show Unit Price, Show narrations, Show only Inward Entries, Show only Outward Entries etc.,


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