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how to create igst ledgers in tally


From Gateway of Tally select Accounts Info
From Accounts Info select Ledgers
From Single Ledgers  Select Create

Tip: Use Short keys from Gateway of Tally: ALC or alc To Create Ledger

In the Ledger Creation Window, fill the following information.

Name: Enter Ledger Name as IGST
Under: Select Duties & Taxes
Type of duty/tax: Select GST
Tax Type: Select Integrated Tax
Percentage of Calculation: Enter 0%

Press Ctrl+A to save details

how to create igst ledger in tally


On 28.10.2017 Vasu & Co Sold the following stock items to M/s.MTC PVT LTD, Maharashtra vide Invoice No: 9/2017-18.

  • TWO HP DESKTOP  @ 25,000 + IGST 18%   
  • ONE DELL DESKTOP  @ 27,000 + IGST 18%   
  • TWO LENOVO DESKTOP  @ 26,000 + IGST 18%  
  • TWO LG MOBILES  @ 10,000 + IGST 12%  
  • ONE SAMSUNG MOBILES  @ 14,000 + IGST 12%   
  • TWO MI MOBILES  @ 9,000 + IGST 12%  

IGST Sale Entry in Tally

> From Gateway of Tally Select Accounting Vouchers -> F8: Sales
> Click F2: Date: Enter 28.10.2017
> Enter Any Ref Number or Skip 
Party A/c name: Select MTC PVT LTD
> Enter PO Number, Dispatch Details etc, and Press CTRL+A
Sales ledger: Select GST SALES

Name of Item: Select HP DESKTOPS 
Enter Qty:2 

Rate: 25,000 

In same way enter another products

> Select IGST (Because you have supplied to another state in India)
> Press CTRL+A to save sales voucher.

igst sales entry in tally


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