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gst tax invoice format

In this tutorial and video, we have explained how to prepare or design Best GST Invoice.

video tutorial

GST Invoice design is a very important part of your business.  To grow up your business, spend some time to design your GST invoice. Good invoice format will be attractive to your Customer.


In the GST Invoice, you must Mention the following important Information.

  1. Supplier Company Name, Address, and Supplier GST Number.
  2. Customer Company Name, Address, and Customer GST Number.
  3. GST Invoice Number and Date
  4. HSN Code and Item wise GST Rate
  5. Total Taxable Value
  6. CGST and SGST Amount or IGST/UGST Amount
  7. HSN Code wise  Table
  8. Authorised Signature  etc.,


You can also mention Your Bank Details and other information as per your mode of Business.

For Example,
  • If you are exporter then you must mention Export and Import Code in your GST Invoice. 
  • If you are dealing with medical then you must enter drug license number.

In the same way, enter your other required information or Registration Numbers in your GST Invoice.


There are more Accounting Packages available to generate GST Invoice.  You can design your GST invoice in any Accounting Packages that is Tally, Quick Books, Book Keeper, Zoho Books and much more Accounting Packages.

OR use any regular software like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word 
OR you can also prepare GST Invoice in manually that means Paper-based GST Invoice. 

We highly recommended, Use Accounting Package Softwares Like Tally, Quick Books, Book Keeper, Zoho Books or any other Accounting Package to generate GST Invoice. 

Because In Accounting Package Software, you can easily generate GST Invoice and an easy way to file GSTR 1, GSTR 3B  and other GST Return.


Now I will explain clearly all previous discussion eight points.  

1) Supplier Details:
GST Invoice Must contain Supplier Name, Supplier Address, Supplier office contact number or mobile number, Supplier E-Mail ID and the Most important point is Supplier GST Number.

2) Customer Details: 

Customer Name, Customer Address, Customer office contact number or mobile number, Customer E-Mail ID and Customer GST Number.

Note: Customer is nothing but Buyer or Consignee. You can mention any of these in your GST Invoice.

Please note, If your Customer is unregistered GST dealer, just keep blank in customer GST Number field or mention unregister person.

how to generate gst invoice

3) GST Invoice Number and Date
Take care to generate GST Invoice Number. 

An important point that needs to be kept in mind is such invoice number shall be UNIQUE for that FINANCIAL YEAR.

4) HSN Code and Item wise GST Rate

You must mention your selling product HSN Code and that product GST Rate.

click here for search HSN code 

5) Total Taxable Value
In our tutorial, there is only one Product. If Invoice Contain two or more products, mention sub taxable total.

Mention GST Rate, HSN Codes in GST Invoice

6) CGST Amount and SGST amount  OR IGST or USGT Amount.

7) HSN Code wise  Table

show table including hsn code wise gst rates in gst invoice

8) Authorised Signature  etc.,

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