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Export Benefits

Export Benefits Refund

The manufacturer doing export of business has first to pay the excise duty on goods , import duty if there is any imported inputs used and service tax on various services required for doing business. These all taxes increase the cost of product in international market hence to reduce this cost government allows refund of Excise duty + Import duty + Service tax paid under Rule 5 of CCR 2000.

A N Bhutada & Co. Services 

  • Preparing working papers for refund claim application
  • Preparing Refund Claim Application For Assesse
  • Submission of claim to department & follow Up
  • Obtaining Refund Cheque in name of Assessee

Foreign Trade Policy Benefits

The Government of India has framed several schemes to promote exports and to obtain foreign exchange. These schemes grants incentive and other benefits. The few important export incentives, where cash benefit up to 2 to 5 % of Export value is available.

Merchandise Export Form India Scheme ( MEIS )
On Export of notified goods to notified markets / countries are provided a benefit ranging from 2 % to 5 % of FOB Value of exports or FOB value realized which ever is less. ( i.e. On export of Rs. 5 Cr government will give benefit of Appx. Rs.10 to 25 lac subject to fulfillment of conditions.)

Service Export Form India Scheme ( SEIS )
Service exporter gets (benefit ranging) duty script of 5% or 3 % ( depending on the category of service ) of net of foreign exchange earned. ( i.e. On export of Rs. 5 Cr government will give benefit of Appx. Rs.10 to 25 lac subject to fulfillment of conditions.)

100 % Duty Free import of Capital goods for Export of Goods

The EPCG scheme allows import of new capital goods (including CKD/SKD thereof as well as computer software systems and spares, jigs, fixtures, dies and moulds) at NIL Customs duty as against the normal total of 26.428%, thus providing a total duty saved of import value. This is subject to an Export Obligation (EO) equivalent to 6 times of duty saved, to be fulfilled over a period of 6 years reckoned from the date of issuance of license.

A N Bhutada & Co. Services

  • We can assist you in scheme planning for maximum benefits, documentation
  • Preparing application preparations, representation and coordination with DGFT 
  • Duty free Import of Capital goods
  • Later we will assist you in redemptions of the Authorization

Refund of Import Duty
Refund of SAD duty paid at time of Import of goods for trading

While Importing goods in India, the importer is required to pay Special Additional Duty (SAD). The rationale behind levying this import duty is to counterbalance VAT (i.e. tax revenues of government) and boost the domestic suppliers (which would have been purchased from domestic market otherwise). If the same goods are further sold out then refund can be available to importer to the extent of Special Additional Duty (SAD) paid. We, at our end make sure to assist our clients in getting their Refund of Special Additional Duty (SAD) without minimal complications.

A N Bhutada & Co. Services

  • Preparing Documentation for Refund Application
  • Submission of Claim with department & follow up
  • Obtaining Refund Cheque in name of Assessee

Status Holder Scheme
Status holders—What special privileges

All exporters of goods and services having an importer-exporter-exporter code (IEC) number shall be eligible for recognition as a status-holder. Merchant Exporters, Manufacturer Exporters, Service Providers, Export Oriented Units, are eligible for such recognition on the basis of following export performance during the current plus previous 2 years

Status holders are entitled to enjoy the following facilities

  • Authorisation / certificate / permissions and Customs clearance for both imports and exports on self-declaration basis.
  • Fixation of Input-Output norms on priority within 60 days. 
  • Exemption from furnishing of Bank guarantee.
  • The Status holder would be entitled to preferential treatment and priority in handling of their consignment.
  • 100% retention of foreign exchange in EEFC account.

Merchant Exporter
Purchase of Goods at Zero Excise Duty In India For Export of Goods By Trader

“Merchant Exporter" means a person engaged in trading activity and exporting or intending to export goods Merchant exporter procures the material from a manufacturer and exports in his firm’s name. Merchant Exporter can export the excisable goods directly from the premises of the manufacturer with out payment of excise duty with executing bond and excise documents. Our services reduces the cost of product due to non payment of excise duty and also reduces cash blockage of funds.

A N Bhutada & Co. Services

  • Executing Bond with Excise department for export of goods with out payment of duty to Manufacturer
  • Preparing necessary documents for taking permission of officer 
  • After completion of export submission of proof of export
  • Closure of Bond

Business Support Services

We provide a complete line of efficient accounting and tax solutions that can help our clients in effective and efficient management of their financial and accounting functions. Our efficient delivery model and capabilities enable our clients in lowering the operating costs without sacrificing quality.

  • Accounting on-site / off-site.
  • Payroll advisory, processing and disbursement.
  • Tax payment support and reminders in due time.
  • Filing of e-TDS , Service tax, MVAT Returns, All Excise Returns etc. 
  • MVAT - Form C / H / I F etc. Issuance & Collection.
  • Companies Act 2013 & miscellaneous matters with Registrar of Companies. 
  • Assist in compliance with procedures, availment of tax benefits.
  • Ongoing compliances under the STPI / EoU schemes. 
  • Labour Law Records like PF, Profession Tax, ESIC, etc.

Client Base/ Type of Industries we serving

We offer comprehensive services designed to keep businesses compliant with various reporting and regulatory requirements and to support them in growth and development. Following are industry we are serving.

  • Manufacturing of Generator
  • Software & Allied Services
  • Plastic Manufacturing Industries
  • Domestic Consumable Manufacturing
  • Tools & Dies Manufacturing
  • Toys Manufacturing Company

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