Monday, July 16, 2012

Basic Points of C-Form

1) C-Form is issued by the purchaser to the supplier for every Quarter.

There are four Quarters for one year:
April, May, June (1st Quarter)
July, August, Sep (2nd Quarter)
Oct, Nov, Dec (3rd Quarter)
Jan, Feb, Mar (4th Quarter)

2) You must have the following data for issue C-Form
Supplier TIN Number
Supplier Company name & address
Hint: Search VAT and CST Dealer Name,
Suppler Invoice copy ( For Invoice number, date, qty and value etc)
3) One C-Form contains original, duplicate and counter foil.
Counter foil should be retained by the issuer . And the remaining original and duplicate should be sent to the seller.

4) The counter foil, original and duplicate should be duly filled and signed.

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  1. if i return goods it were purchased in 1st quarter and return it on 2nd quarter
    so how and how much amount c-form has to issue


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