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how to print original and triplicate sale invoices in tally prime


For every sale, you must need Two sale invoice copies or more. For regularly you need two sale invoice copies i.e. Original & Triplicate.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to print Original & Triplicate sale invoice copies in tally prime. 

printing original invoice copy in tally prime

> Open any sale invoice.
> From the Top Right side panel Select P: Print
> Select CuRrent
> In the Print Window Click On C: Configure

> In the Print Configuration Window you can find out Number of Copies at bottom

Sales Invoice Printing Configuration in tally prime

> Select Number of Copies 
> Press Enter Key
> Now tally shows Printer Settings Window
> In this Printer Setting window Select NUMBER OF COPIES set to 2
> Type of copy: Select All 

printing original invoice copy in tally prime

Print Transporter's Copy SET to NO by pressing Enter Key
(This option is set to YES If you only need Transporter's Copy)

> Press CTRL+A to save changes and proceed.
> In the Print Window
> Clink on Print 

Now tally prime print two invoices 

how to print original and triplicate in tally prime

Original Copy for Buyer and Triplicate copy for Office filing. 

Please note another important point is Print Transporter's Copy. This option is SET as YES if you have to submit an invoice copy to Transporter. 

For example, if you send material through Courier, Transport, Online Transport Apps (Eg: Porter, Uber, Rapido, Ola, etc.) Air Cargo, Vessel, or any other cargo you must select this option set to YES.


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