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manual invoice number in tally

how to set sales invoice number in tally erp 9 manual

In this tutorial, we will explain how to enter manual sale invoice numbers in tally. Use this tip very carefully and follow the below important points.

  1. Maybe there is a chance to enter duplicate invoice numbers when generating invoices in tally. Please check regularly.
  2. If the buyer submitted GST returns, please do not change the Invoice number. 
  3. Keep the invoice sequence number with the invoice date.
  4. Use just simple format for Invoice Numbering Eg: 001/20-21 or 1001/21 or 001/2021 etc. (Do not Enter large invoice No: 0003/GST/VPT/2020-21 OR SKPVT/0008/2020-21 etc...)
  5. Do not issue duplicate invoice numbers.
  6. If you want to issue the same invoice numbers, just add A or -1 or /1 etc., in the invoice numbers (Eg: 001A/20-21 etc). Please do not issue same invoice numbers.

Let's start the configuration.

> In the Gateway of Tally click on Inventory Info.
> click on Voucher Types
> click on Alter
> Enter voucher type i.e Sales (If you create a sub-sale voucher, select regular use voucher type) then press enter

how to change sales invoice serial number in tally

> Now you can view Voucher Type Alteration.
> In this window change: Method of voucher numbering to Manual 
Do not change any other options
> Press CTRL+A to save the change.

tally manual voucher numbering

questions and answers for manual invoice number in tally

1) can we change invoice numbers in the existing invoice in tally
A) Yes, you can change. But do not change, if you are already filled GST return in a particular month.
STEP 1: Open required sale invoice.
STEP 2: In the top left, enter the invoice number then save the invoice.

2) TSS required for manual invoice numbering in tally ?
A) Not required any TSS

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