Wednesday, November 15, 2017

gst tutorial in tally lesson 14 - gst bill wise payment voucher in tally

For Trading Company


Dt:29.10.2017:Cash Paid Rs.215,160 to M/s. PRAKASH DISTRIBUTORS against Purchase Invoice Nos:  48 & 52

There are two methods to enter Payment voucher in the tally.

Method:1 - Bill wise Payment Entry In Tally

> From Gateway of Tally Select: Display
> From Display Menu Select: Account Books
> From Account Books Select: Ledger
> Enter Sundry Creditor Ledger Name: PRAKASH DISTRIBUTORS
> Press Alt+B
> From Ledger Voucher Outstanding Select Bills: Use Space Button to select Bills
> Tally shows total selected bills amount
> From Left side panel click on B: Bill Settlement or Press ALT+B
> In Bill Settlement Window fill the following information.
Voucher Date: 29.10.2017
Account: Cash
Narration: Enter Narration and Press Ctrl+A to save Payment Voucher.

bill wise payment entry in tally
Select bills and Click on B: Bill Settlement Button

Method:2 - Payment Entry In Tally 

> From Gateway of Tally Select Accounting Vouchers > F5: Payment
> Select Date: F2: Date, Enter 29.10.2017
> Account: Select Cash
> Particulars: Select PRAKASH DISTRIBUTOS
> Enter Amount: 215,160
> In the Bill wise Details, Slect Agst Ref and select Bill Numbers (i.e:  48 & 52)
> Enter Narration and Press Ctrl+A to save Payment Voucher.

payment voucher entry in tally
Check Bill wise details and Press CTRL+A to save Payment Voucher


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