Tuesday, April 4, 2017

gst system


A common GST system will provide linkage to all State/UT Commercial Tax departments, Central Tax authorities, Taxpayers, Banks and other stakeholders. It will be a common medium of information sharing with standardized forms, formats, payment challans, acknowledgements, certificates etc. 

functions or roles of stakeholders of gst eco system

Functions / roles of stakeholders of GST Eco-System

Tax Payers: 
  1. Application for registration as taxpayer, and profile management
  2. Payment of taxes, including penalties and interest
  3. Uploading of Invoice data & filing returns / annual statements
  4. Status review of return/tax ledger/cash ledger
  5. Others

Tax Return Preparers (TRP)
  1. TRP denotes CAs, tax advocates etc.
  2. Act as a mediator and helps the taxpayers in registration / payment / return submission.
  3. Help the taxpayers in resolving tax related issues.

State Tax Authorities and Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC):
  1. Approval for enrollment/registration of taxpayers
  2. Tax administration of state tax(Assessment /Audit /Refund / Appeal/ Investigation)
  3. MIS and other functions

GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs)
  1. Development of various apps / interfaces for taxpayer, TRPs of GST system
  2. Providing other value added services to the taxpayers 

  1. For strong unique identity usage and online authentication of identity of partners /proprietors/Directors etc.

Income Tax & other departments. 
  1. a. Departments which directly or indirectly interact with GSTN for information exchange
  2. b. Income tax system will be used for PAN , TIN validation

Banks / RBI 
  1. Receipt of tax payments
  2. Maintenance of records of payments
  3. Reconciliation/state wise accounting
  4. MIS and other functions

GST council
  1. Define policies & procedure for GST
  2. Body for decision making

  1. Set up of GST system and maintain the same
  2. Clearing house for IGST
  3. Interface with the ecosystem of GSPs

Other Eco-System partners
  1. To provide value added services to taxpayers/TRPs
  2. To provide Apps/off-line solution to taxpayers

Infosys, the managed service provider (MSP) of GSTN
  1. The System Integrator and developer of GST Systems
  2. Manage the GST Systems for 5 years
  3. Provide Sandbox and other required interface to GSPs

MSP/SI’s of Centre or State
  1. Develop G2G APIs and apps relating thereto.
  2. APIs for GSTNs internal use.


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