Thursday, December 1, 2016

mutual funds

Mutual funds are investment products available to investors through which investments can be made in any kind of asset class-equity, debt, gold or real estate. Thus, investors seeking to invest in any of the asset class without undergoing the burden of direct management of the asset class can invest through mutual funds. Mutual fund comes out with different kinds of schemes with varying investment objectives. Investors in mutual funds get the benefit of availing services of a professional fund manager to manage their investment activities such as selecting the securities for investment and managing them. Mutual Funds gives investors the flexibility to structure the investment Get Started: Investing in various investment options (lump sum or periodic) and returns (dividends or appreciation) to suit each investors’ need from the investment. Mutual fund investment simplifies the process and costs of investing and holding securities. It is essential for every young investor to have an SIP for investments. SIP’s can be started with as less as INR.100 too in select schemes.


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