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Issue H-Form (Telangana OR Andhrapradesh Sales Tax)

After got H-Form from Telangana/Andhrapradesh Sales Tax dept through courier, You may issue this H-Form to your seller/supplier along with B.L.Copy. The following tutorial help you, how to fill and issue H-Form.

H-Form contains three parts Counterfoil, Duplicate and Original.

  • Counterfoil should be retained by the issuer/purchaser
  • Original and Duplicate should be sent to the seller with proof of export ie., Bill of Lading (B.L).

Just verify the following points.

Purchaser/Issuer Name & TIN No.
  • If Purchaser is Telangana VAT Dealer: TIN No Starts with 37
  • If Purchaser is Andhrapradesh New VAT Dealer (Transaction Period After 2nd June 2014): TIN No Starts with 36
  • If Purchaser is Andhrapradesh Old VAT Dealer (Transaction Period Before 2nd June 2014): TIN No Starts with 28
Supplier Name
Supplier TIN No.
Total Invoice Value
Quarters & Year

Fill the following Points.
  • Write Purchased Material Description of goods and Qty
  • Write Name of the Vessel/Airlines/ Etc.,
  • Write Number of the Vessel/Airlines/ Etc.,
  • Write Qty of the Vessel/Airlines/ Etc.,
  • Put Purchaser/Issuer Company Seal and write sign.


  1. I have lost H-Form given by my purchaser.Even my purchaser also lost H-forms in a fire accident.
    for the financial year 2011-12 (united AP) now how to get a duplicate H-Form


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