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Income Tax: All About TIN (Tax Information Network)

Tax Information Network (TIN) is an initiative by Income Tax Department of India (ITD) for the modernization of the current system for collection, processing, monitoring and accounting of direct taxes using information technology. TIN is a repository of nationwide Tax related information, and has been established by NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited on behalf of ITD.

TIN has two key sub-systems:
  • Electronic Return Acceptance and Consolidation System (ERACS) which consists of an infrastructure for interface with the taxpayers (a nation wide network of TIN-Facilitation Centres i.e. TIN-FC) and a web-based utility for upload of electronic returns of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) & Tax Collection at Source (TCS) and Annual Information Return (AIR) to the central system of TIN.
  • Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS) for daily upload to the central system, the details of tax deposited in various tax collecting branches across the country.
Services through TIN-FC
Through its network of TIN-Facilitation centres all over the country, TIN offers the following services:
  • Acceptance of electronic and physical TDS/TCS Returns.
  • Processing of new PAN and PAN change request applications.
  • Processing of new TAN and TAN change request applications.
  • Acceptance of AIR
  • Acceptance of Form 24G statement.
Online Services
  • TIN provides the following Online Services through this website:
Quarterly Statement Status
  • Facility for deductors to verify status of e-TDS/TCS statements submitted to TIN-FC or online at this website by providing TAN and respective Provisional Receipt Number (PRN).
Acceptance of Returns/Statements
  • Facility to submit TDS/TCS statements and related correction statements through internet.
  • Facility to submit Annual Information Returns (AIR) and related supplementary returns through internet.
e-tax Payment
  • Facility to pay tax online, wherein the taxpayer can fill up and submit the challan through Internet. The tax payer has to necessarily have a bank account with net banking facility in any of the stipulated banks.
OLTAS Challan Status Enquiry
  • Facility for tax payers to enquire online about the status of challans deposited in banks.
  • Facility to apply for PAN online
  • Reprint of PAN card with existing/revised details
  • Status enquiry
  • Facility to apply for TAN online
  • Reprint of TAN allotment letter with existing/revised details
  • Status enquiry
  • Facility to register as an e-Return Intermediary (e-RI). (An e-RI is an entity authorised by ITD to electronically file income tax returns on behalf of tax payers.)
  • Status enquiry.
Online PAN Verification
  • Facility to verify PANs online to authorized entities (Entities who are approved by ITD can verify PANs online).
  • Status enquiry.
Form 24G
  • Receive Form 24G statements from Account Offices (AO/PAO/DTO) and upload them to the TIN central system


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