Friday, March 7, 2014

Mandatory usage of e-Waybills by Andhra Pradesh VAT Dealers

AP VAT Act-2005 and CST Act 1956 – Mandatory usage of e-Waybills by VAT Dealers – Issuing of Certain instructions with regard to exemption of mandatory usage of e-Waybills to certain manufacturers of Twin Cities – Reg.

The attention of all the Deputy Commissioners (CT) in the Twin cities and R R district is invited to the subject and reference (5) cited above, wherein it was decided that manufacturers having their Registered Office in the 7 city divisions but having manufacturing units/mining activities in remote areas are exempted from the mandatory use of e-waybills and permitted to avail physical waybills from CDSC or EDSC but only on case to case basis and the 7 city DCs were given the facility to unblock the said dealers from the mandatory use of e-waybills.

It is now decided that such a facility from the DC login is now withdrawn and henceforth, dealers are directed to approach JC-Computers O/o CCT, Nampally for any specific requests to unblock their mandatory e-waybill and allow them to take physical waybills. The JC (Computers) is directed to examine the requests of the dealers and permit them to use manual waybills, on a case-by-case basis.

The VATIS software will be amended accordingly to facilitate this change.

The same may be informed to all concerned.


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