Wednesday, January 29, 2014



  • What is the complete procedure to upload tax audit reports by Tax Professionals? 
  • Whether Schedules and Notes to Accounts are also required to be uploaded with Balance Sheet and P&L?
  • Whether it is mandatory to upload a scanned copy of signed Balance Sheet, P&L and other documents?
  • Whether Name / Date of Birth (DOB) of the Chartered Accountant given in PAN database(as per ITD e-filing website) is to be matched with the ICAI database for successful registration in the e-filing portal?
  • Whether audit conducted under section 44AD, 44BB, 44BBB & 44AE is required to be filed electronically?
  • Where the Firm Registration No. (FRN) should be mentioned in the e-forms?
  • Where should the comments/observations in respect of a particular clause of Form No.3CD is to be mentioned in the e-form?
  • In case tax audit is conducted by joint auditors, what is the procedure to upload tax audit report electronically?
  • What is the procedure to furnish revised audit report electronically?
  • Is there any upper limit on the no. of audit reports which can be uploaded by a Chartered Accountant on e-filing portal?
  • If there are 10 partners in a firm of Chartered Accountants, then how many tax audits reports can each partner sign in a financial year?
  • What is recommended system requirements for facilitating e-filing?
  • If tax audit report is issued and the ITR is filed prior to issuance of the Notification No. 34/2013, dated 01-05-2013 which mandates e-filing of audit reports. In such cases whether e-filing of audit reports is required?
  • In case of e-filing of audit reports what is the date of audit report?
  • Is it possible to e-file the ITR first and then e-file the audit report?
  • Even after filling complete details in the first page of ITR-7, one is not allowed to proceed to second page. What should be done in such a case?


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