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What are the different type of price lists that can be created in Tally ?

Different type of Price Lists

For this select the following:
Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info > Price List
If the price list option does not appear, confirm the activation procedure given in the introduction above.  From the list of Stock Groups: Select a group, e.g., Orange Juice.

Under Group
To select a stock group whose items will be given prices.

Price Level
To select a Price Level.  This is the level to which a specific group of ledgers (customer accounts) will be assigned.

Applicable From
The date from which the price list is applicable.

The columns are:

A simple serial number to track the number of items in the price-list.

Name of Item
Name of the stock item for which the price may be given.

Quantities – From & Less Than
These fields are repeated for an item and begin with a blank for 0 items and end with a blank for any number of items.  This is useful for quantity based pricing and discounts.  A staggered quantity price structure can be created if needed. If no quantity based pricing is required, simply keep both the From and Less Than fields blank.

Rate & Discount (if any)
For each quantity band give a specific price or keep the price the same for all brands but give different discounts.  Different methods can be given for different items.

Previous Price List Rate and Discount
If a price list existing before the Applicable From date, it will be displayed.

Cost Price
The cost (based on the Cost method set for it) of the item is displayed to help deciding prices.

Print/Export/Email/Upload Price Lists
Simply select the relevant button while the price list is displayed to print it or to send by e-mail or even to publish it.


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