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Shortcut Keys in Tally - Key Combination used for navigation

Key Combination used for navigation

Windows                    Functionality                                               Availability
PgUp                           Displays previous voucher during            At voucher entry and alteration screens
                                     Voucher entry / alter
PgDn                           Displays next voucher during                    At voucher entry and alteration screeens
                                     voucher entry / alter
ENTER                         To accept anything you type into             You have to use this key at most areas
                                     field.                                                               In TALLY
                                     To accept a voucher or master                  At the receivables report – press Enter at a
                                     To get a report with further details           pending bill to get transactions relating to
                                     Of an item in a report.                                 This bill (e.g., original sale bill, receipts and
                                                                                                               Payments against this bill, etc)
ESC                              To remove what you typed into a field      At almost all screens in TALLY.
                                    To come out a screen
                                    To indicate you do not want to accept
                                    a voucher or master
Shift + Enter              Collapse next level details                             At Voucher Register screen and Trial
                                                                                                                Balance report
Shift + Enter             To explode a line into its details                    In almost all Reports:
                                                                                                                At a Group / Stock  Group / Cost
                                                                                                                Category / Godown / Stock Category –
                                                                                                                Displays Sub Groups and Ledgers / Stock
                                                                                                                Items / Cost   Centres /Secondary
                                                                                                                Godowns / Secondary Stock Categories
                                                                                                                At a Voucher – displays its entries and
                                                                                                                 At a Stock Item – displays its godowns
                                                                                                                 and batch details
                                                                                                                At Voucher Register screen – displays the
                                                                                                                Next level details
                                                                                                                At Trial Balance report – displays the next
                                                                                                                 Level details.
Ctrl + Enter    To alter a master while making on                            At voucher entry and alteration screen At
                         entry or viewing a report                                             all reports.


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