Thursday, May 10, 2012

Create a Multiple Ledger in Tally ?

Creating Multiple Ledgers

> From the Gateway of Tally select "Accounts Info" / Enter "A"
From the Accounts Info select "Ledgers" / Enter "L"
From the Ledgers "CReate" / Enter "R"
> Select Under Group (Eg:
All Items)
> Enter Ledger Name (Eg: Office Exp)
> Select Group (Eg: Indirect Exp)
> Enter Opening Balance (If you have any closing balance from the Previous year)
> In the same way Enter all ledgers.
> Press "Ctrl+A" to save the Ledgers


Under Group
Select the Parent Group under which you wish to create Ledgers.  In the List of Groups pop-up besides all groups you get an additional option All Items.  If all the ledgers you wish to create are to be placed under a single group, select it from the list of groups that pop-up would ensure faster creation as you need not to select parent group for each ledger.

Bottom Table
On selecting parent group cursor moves to bottom table.
SL. No.
Serial number is displayed for reference, cursor does not move here.

Name of Ledger
Enter name of the ledger you are creating.

If you select any group at Under Group the select group is displayed here and cursor does not move.  If you had selected All Items, you have to select the parent Group for each ledger at this field from the List of Groups.

Opening Balance
Enter Opening Balance for the ledger, if any. At DR/Cr field, enter D or C.  If you have opted to maintain Billwise Balance for the company, Billwise allocation screen would appear on entering opening balance for each ledger.  On entering Billwise allocation entry, cursor would return to the Voucher table to enter next ledger.


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