Friday, May 11, 2012

Describe the various buttons on Alter ledger screen in Tally ?

Buttons in Alter Ledger Screen

Following are the buttons on this screen.

F3. Company
To work with a different company.  In the creation mode, you can create cost categories in the other company.  In alter mode, you can copy the information by accepting the screen (<enter> or <Ctrl> + <A>).  The old company’s information remains.  Not available in Display mode.

F3: New Cmp
To work on the same report of another company.  Available only in display mode.

F4: Parent
To move the cursor to the field ‘Under Group’.

F4: New Parent
To bring up the list of Groups to select a new parent Group.

Zero Op Bal
To nullify (change to zero) all opening balances in this group.

F6: Skip names
For faster data entry when you do not need to the names of ledgers.  The cursor will not go to that column.  Toggle to ‘Edit names’.

F7: Skip Parent
For faster data entry when you do not need to alter the parent Group.  The cursor will not go to the column ‘Under’.  Toggle to ‘Edit Parent’.

F8: Skip Details
The cursor will not go to the columns Opening Balance and Dr/Cr. Toggle to ‘Edit Details’.

F9: Show Closing
Closing Balances replace Opening Balances.  This is available only in alter mode.  Closing balance is not alterable and the cursor skips the field.

F10: Chg Sort
To display a column of sorting position indices.  Toggle to ‘Skip Sort’.  You may change display positions of ledger accounts under the group.

F11: Features
To change company features.  A detailed discussion on features has been done in earlier section under Gateway of Tally.

F12: Configure
To change configuration of master information.


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