Monday, January 2, 2012

Change Period Option Shortcut Keys in Tally

 Change Period Option Shortcut Keys

Tally Allows Aliphatic letters in "Change Period" Option.
If you use these letters shortcut letters in change period option, you can save more time.

Eg:  If you want change period from April 1st to March ending.
simply use 'a'  & 'm' (Type 'a' on Form & Type 'm' on To)

For April Month: "a"
For May Month: "may"
For June Month: "jun"
For July Month: "Ju"
For August Month: "au"
For September Month: "s"
For October Month: "o"
For November Month: " n"
For December Month: "d"
For Jan Month: "j"
For Feb Month : "f"
For March Month: "m"


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