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Rule 15. Procedure for cancellation of TOT registration. (Andhra Pradesh Commercial Tax)

Rule 15. Procedure for cancellation of TOT registration.—
(1) Where a TOT dealer ceases to carry on business, that TOT dealer or his
legal representative shall apply to the authority prescribed on Form TOT 014
for cancellation of general registration within fourteen days of the closure of
(2) A TOT dealer may apply for cancellation of his general registration
at the end of any period of twelve consecutive months if his taxable turnover
for that period does not exceed Rupees three lakhs seventy five thousand
(Rs. 3,75,000/-).
(3) The authority prescribed shall issue an order of cancellation of
registration on Form TOT 015 to the TOT dealer who has applied for
cancellation, if satisfied that there are valid reasons for such cancellation of
(4) The authority prescribed shall issue a notice on Form TOT 016 to
a TOT dealer, when refusing to cancel the general registration number.
(5) The authority prescribed shall issue a notice on Form TOT 013 to
a TOT dealer before compulsorily cancelling the general registration.
(6) Cancellation of general registration shall take effect from the end
of the month in which the general registration is cancelled, unless the authority
prescribed orders the cancellation to take effect from an earlier date.
(7) The cancellation of a registration of any TOT dealer shall not
affect any liabilities under the Act or any requirement to comply with any
provisions of the Act until the date of cancellation of registration.
(8) Wherever any order of cancellation or refusal to cancel an application
is made, the TOT dealer shall be given an opportunity of being heard.


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