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How to fill the C - Form Utilisation Excel File (dowload from AP commercial taxes CDSC Website -

Download C-Form Utilisation Excel File

> First Download C-Form Utilisation Excel File from AP commercial taxes CDSC Website.

Clcik here how to download C-Form Utilisation Excel file 

 Fill the C-Form Utilisation Excel File

> Enter Purchaser ( Your Company ) TIN Number
> Select Quarter. (Quarter selection is based on Invoice/s date)

April, May, June (1st Quarter)
July, August, Sep (2nd Quarter)
Oct, Nov, Dec (3rd Quarter)
Jan, Feb, Mar (4th Quarter)

> Enter Year. (Year also based on Invoice/s date, Year must be "xxxx-xx". Eg: 2009-10 or 2010-11)

> Column A: Enter Sl.No
> Column B: Enter Seller TIN Number.
> Column C: Enter Seller Company Name
> Column D: Enter Seller Address

> Column E: Enter Vehicle No:  Vechcle No / Courier or other transporter consingment No. if not available enter "N/A"
> Column F: Enter Courier or transporter name.
> Column G: Enter Invoice No.
> Column H: Enter Invoice Date (Date Format (dd-mm-yyyy).

> Column I: Select Commodity. If you cant find your commodity from the list, select others.
> Column J: Enter Invoice total Qty.
> Column K: Select UOM.
> Column L: Enter Invoice total Value.

>After enter the all date in the excel sheet, save this file in your computer to upload.

Some Important Points to Fill the C-Form Utilization Excel File 

1) Quarter selection is based on Invoice/s date.
(Eg: Invoice/s dt is 05-10-2011. so you must select 3rd Quarter)
2) Year Format (YYYY-YY). Eg: 2010-11, dotn enter 2010-2011.
3) Column H: Invoice dt format (dd-mm-yyy). Eg: 01-10-2011. dont enter 01-8-2011 or 01.08.2011
5) Dont use special characters in whole excel sheeet. Eg: ", ', =, + etc.


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