Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Income Tax Deduction (TDS) from Salaried Employees

 In case of salary the employer should deduct Tax at the time of disburse the salary. This deduction is known as Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) from Salary. TDS from Salary is not like other TDS such as TDS from Contractors, TDS from interest etc. TDS other than salary is only a certain percentage of the payment is to be deducted. But TDS from salary should be full. The employer should deduct the actual Tax which is liable by the employee regarding salary and any other income disclosed by the employee.

When the Tax liability of an employee is calculated, the employer can deduct all permissible deduction such as certain investments, certain allowances etc. as per the Income Tax rule. The employee should declare his investments which may be deducted from their gross salary. These investments are come under section 80C of income tax Act and other related sections.

Let us see which investments are allowed to deduct from the gross salary or gross income as per income tax rule.

Under Section 80 C there is a list of financial instruments you can invest in for getting exemption. Under this section you can claim the total exemption up to Rs. 100000. It means Rs. 100000 or the sum total of all such investments in a financial year, whichever is less. Let us see which investments are eligible for getting exemption under section 80C.



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