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Haryana VAT Tax: Rate, E-Filing, E-Return, E-Payment –

Haryana VAT Tax Rates, E-Filing, Return, Online Payment

Haryana VAT is the cosumption tax levied on certain items in Haryana. The VAT rates of items vary from category to category. Also the VAT tax rate may change from one financial year to another. The tax is levied by the Haryana Excise & Taxation Department.

Online tax payment guidelines are provided on for the convenience of the tax payers from Haryana. The VAT tax facilities include e-filing, e-payment, and e-return.

Like many other states, the Haryana VAT tax came into affect on 1st April 2003. Since then VAT has been a regular tax in the state of Haryana. It is recommended to visit the Haryana Excise & Taxation Department website for information about dealer registration, tax rates, refunds, and to download tax forms for Haryana VAT.


  1. Required more information. Like- Forms used for tax deposit & returns. Due date for tax deposit & returns.

  2. Dear Sajid Eqbal,

    Visit the following website for all information about Haryana VAT.

    Thanking you


  3. i want to know whether we can claim input vat on purchase of car if in bill vat amount is being showed separately????

    1. no vat can be claimed on that assets which is directly or indirectly involved manufacturing or production activity so you cannot claimed vat on car because car is a capital asset that's not involved in manufacturing or production activity. Vat is only claimed of thats goods which directly relates to the business of the assessee. so, vat is not claimed for the is a capital asset but it is a personal asset for human consumption ,hence vat credit is not allowed. Suppose u have purchased plant & mach for that input is allowed.

  4. i want to know how much amount of sureity bond need to be prepared & in favour of whom for haryana vat registration

    1. Hi Mohanty,

      Surety Bond for HVAT Registration is Rs. 50,000 and you also want register for CST then surety of Rs. 50,000 separately.

      If you need any help then feel free to contact on 07877067434.


    2. Dear Mr.Anuj raj,

      Thank you for your comment.


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