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Andhra Chamber of Commerce - Services

Certificate of origin

The Chamber is one of the Bodies authorised by the Government of India under the International Convention for Simplification of Customs Formalities to attest Certificates of Origin in respect of exports from India to various Countries. In respect of exports to Middle East Countries all export documents should be certified by a Chamber of Commerce recognised by the Embassy and or the Consulate of the Country concerned and the legalised by that Ebassy/Consulate. Andhra Chamber has been recognised by the Embassies and Consulates of many Countries in the Middle East for certification of exports from India to their respective countries.

Training Programmes

To update the knowledge and skill of the Members and their Executives. Training programmes Seminars, Workshops, Symposia and or Executive Development Programmes are organised periodically on Central Excise, Customs, Labour, Sales Tax, Export Marketing, Export Documentation, Direct Taxes, Business Administration and Business Correspondence among others. Though these programmes are open to Members and non-Members alike, participants sponsored by Members would be eligible for a concession in participation fee.

 Services rendered

The Chamber's varied services are always at the disposal of the Members. To mention a few.

* Information on sources of supply - India and Abroad.

* Information as to names of buyers of various merchandises and manufactures in India and Abroad.

* Information on trade prospects, business and economic conditions in India and Abroad.

* Information on trade regulations in India and Abroad.

* Statistical data regarding industries, population, exports, imports, production etc.

* Issue of Certificate of Origin and attestation/ certification of documents for export shipments.

* Issue of introductory letters to Members proceeding abroad on business.

* Issue of recommendation letters to Foreign Embassies/ Consulates in India for grant of visa to Member businessmen proceeding abroad on business.

* Commercial arbitration and survey in cases of disputes.

* Access to the "Library and Reading Room" of the Chamber.

* Access to Indian and Foreign Trade Directories, Guides, Handbooks and Annuals and Periodicals on Trade, Commerce and Industry, Trade Commissioners Reports and Indian and Foreign Trade Enquiries and Offers.

* Supply of one copy of the Fortnightly 'information Bulletin, Bi-monthly 'Tax News', and Bi-monthly 'Labour News', Annual Reports and other publications, circular etc. to all Members.

* Supply of one copy of 'Company Law News' to all Member Bodies, Member Limited Companies, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Chartered Secretaries, Advocates and Stock and Share Brokers.

* Aid through the Representatives of the Chamber on various Public Bodies in removing anomalies or irregularities in the administration of various public services/ statutory measures.

* Aid through Sister Chambers of Commerce in India and Abroad in establishing trade contacts.

* Provision of free Consultancy Service on Sales Tax, Labour, Direct Taxes, Customs and Central Excise, Service Tax, Import & Export and Banking & Finance by a Panel of Experts between 11 A.M. and 12.30 P.M. on the second Saturday of every month at Chennai and Secunderabad offices of the Chamber.

* Information on Industries, Small scale, Medium and Large scale, Mechanics of Licensing, registration, collaboration, financial assistance and the like.

* Information on Taxation, VAT, Sales Tax, Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and Company Law among others.


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