Tuesday, April 30, 2019

gst e way bill new features

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gst e way bill new features

Auto calculation of route distance based on PIN code for generation of EWB: 

E-waybill system is now enabled to auto calculate route distance for movement of goods, based on the Postal PIN codes of source and destination locations given by the user. The e-waybill system will calculate and display the actual distance between the supplier and recipient addresses. User is allowed to edit the distance shown, but it will be limited to 10% more than the displayed distance. In case, source PIN and destination PIN are same, the user can enter up to a maximum of 100 km only. If the PIN entered is incorrect, the system would alert the user as INVALID PIN CODE, but he can continue entering the distance.

Knowing the distance between two PIN Codes: 

The taxpayer can now know the distance between source and destination by selecting “PIN to PIN distance” in the Search section on the EWB System home page. Search will show the approximate distance between the PINs entered.

Blocking of the generation of multiple E-Way Bills on one Invoice/document: 

EWB system will not allow generation of multiple e-way bills based on one invoice, by any party – consignor, consignee or transporter. That is, once E-way Bill is generated with an invoice number, then no one can generate another E-Way Bill with the same invoice number.

Extension of E-Way Bill in case Consignment is in Transit: 

The taxpayer or transporter (who has been assigned an EWB) can now extend E-way Bill validity when goods are in transit. User can log in to the EWB portal and navigate to EWB Module > Extend Validity > Enter EWB Number to fill the form. On selection of In Transit, the address details of the transit place need to be provided by the user. On selection of In Movement, the system will prompt the user to enter Mode and Vehicle details.

Report on EWB which are about to expire soon: 

Users of EWB System can now view the list of EWB about to expire in the next three days. User can see this after logging into the EWB portal and navigating through Reports > My EWB Reports > EWB about to expire.


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