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create gst supplier ledger in tally

In This tutorial, we will explain how to create GST Supplier/ Sundry Creditor Ledger In Tally. Before reading this tutorial learn the following important points.

1) Select Group: Sundry Creditor
2) Sundry Creditor is Liability.
3) When Purchasing goods, supplier country & state is important.
4) CGST& SGST levied on Intra State Suppliers (Within State Supply)
5) IGST levied on Inter State Suppliers (Outside State Supply) ...


From Gateway of Tally select Accounts Info

From Accounts Info select Ledgers
From Single Ledgers  Select Create

Tip: Use Short keys from Gateway of Tally: ALC or alc To Create Ledger in tally

In the Ledger Creation Window, fill the following information.

Name: Enter Supplier Ledger Name (Eg: Prakash Distributors)
Under: Select Group (Eg: Sundry Creditors)

Maintain balance bill-by-bill: Set to Yes 
Default Credit Period: Set as per your supplier credit period days.
These options are helpful in future to make payment within credit days.

Mailing Details: Enter Full address, Mail ID and Contact Number of your Supplier

Country and State: Select Supplier Country & State 
State Selection is Important: Tally will decide GST type based on Supplier State

Set/alter GST details: Set Yes and Enter Supplier GST Details.

After entering all GST details 
Press "Ctrl+A" to save GST details and again
Press "Ctrl+A" to save the Supplier Ledger.

create ledger for gst supplier in tally

Enter GST Supplier Details

how to create gst supplier ledger account in tally


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