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How to fill TDS or TCS Challan / Download TDS/TCS Challan 281

How to fill TDS Challan.


Print TDS or TCS Challan

Important Points:
1. Use separate challan for separate sections. (Eg: Use one challan for 94C, and Use another challan for 94J etc) and
2. Use separate challan for Company deduction and Non-Company deduction.

Fill the main information.

1: If you pay TDS for the FY 2012-13, Enter in this filed as 2013-14.

2: If you pay TDS for company TICK MARK on (0020) COMPANY  DEDUCTEES;
If you pay TDS for Non-Company TICK MARK on (0021) NON-COMPANY DEDUCTEES
Eg of Company Deductees: Pvt Ltd, Ltd, Etc.
Eg of Non-Company Deductees: Individuals, Partnership firm, Trusts Etc., 

3: Enter your company TAN, your company NAME and ADDRESS Etc.,

4: Enter TDS Section: Eng 94C
If you pay TDS for 94C, enter 94C in this field.
If you pay TDS for 94J, enter 94J in this field.

5: Tick mark on TDS/TCS Payable by Taxpayer

6: Enter  TDS amount under Income Tax row. and also enter total amount under Total Row and also write in Words.
Eg: Total Amount Rs.22,526 

7: Enter Cheque No, Cheque Dt and Chq Bank, Branch.

8: Enter Submission date and put your signature.

9: Dont enter in this filed. It is for Bank use.

The above part is only for your company filing purpose. so Enter important fields.


  1. pls give me one challan foe example full fill form

  2. I didn't get the 5th point..can you tell it briefly

    1. If you pay TDS/TCS against INCOME TAX NOTICE *, then select "TDS/TCS Regular Assessment (Raised by I.T. Deptt.)". (400)

      If you received any Notice from I.T. Dept for short payment, etc, then select 400


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