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Tally - Describe the function of various buttons on typical Voucher entering screen ?

Buttons in a typical Entry Screen

F2: Change Date
Use this button to change the date of the voucher.

F3: Change Cmp
This would allow you to switch to another loaded company and enter a voucher in it.  Therefore, you can, almost simultaneously enter vouchers for more than one company.

F4: Contra Voucher
To create a Contra Voucher

F5: Payment Voucher
To create a Payment Voucher

F6: Receipt Voucher
To create a Receipt Voucher

F7: Journal
This is split into Journal, Debit Notes and Credit Notes

F8: Sales
To create Sales Voucher/Debit Note Voucher 

F9: Purchase
To create Purchase Voucher/Debit Note Voucher

F10: Memos
To create Memorandum or Reverse Journal Voucher

Post Dated
To mark the current voucher post dated.

To mark the current voucher optional.  Toggles with Regular

F11: Features
To change Company Features.

F12: Configure
To check the accuracy of the voucher entered, one of the many ways is to select Day Book from the Display menu.  Then Select F2: Period from the buttons bar and enter the period of display (it defaults to the current date only but you may display all the transactions for a particular period).  Select F1: Detailed. Check the vouchers against what you were asked to do.  If you find a mistake, position the highlight bar over the offending item and press Enter for Tally to display the voucher details for alteration.
The alteration facility is subject to security and access rights.  All alternations are available for audit.


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