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How to apply e-SUGAM Karnataka - Commercial Taxes Departmen User’s Manual for e-SUGAM

1. Login to the Commercial Tax Department web-site or or using the username and password.
2. In case of the first time login, the system will show some informative screens and ask
user to enter his choice of username and password. Please note down the username
and password entered by you for your further logins. The system asks you to enter
your contact information.
3. Please change your password as often as possible and keep it safe and secure and do
not part with anyone.
4. In the main page various options are displayed. Here, select the New Entry option in
Online e-SUGAM menus.
5. Next enter the e-SUGAM form details and save by pressing SAVE button. You can also
click ‘SAVE & SUBMIT’ button directly here to skip the next step.
6. Now, select the Submit option in Online e-SUGAM menus. The list of the save
transactions details are shown. Click on the select button against the transaction to be
printed with e-SUGAM.
7. System shows the transaction details, verify and submit by clicking the Submit button.
8. Now system shows the e-SUGAM Serial No for the submitted transaction. Here click
on Print button to print the e-SUGAM forms.
9. Now, e-SUGAM form can seen on the screen and take print out by clicking print option
at file menu of the Internet Explorer option.
10. If a print is taken without mentioning the goods vehicle number and other related
details of transport of goods, then please fill up the relevant transport related
particulars, attest the same and obtain the signature of the driver/person in charge of
the goods vehicle. Please take care to affix signature of consignor or agent or manager
before dispatch of the goods.
11. The dealer can also upload the e-SUGAM forms in bunch in XML form. The XML file
format and sample file is given below.
12. Dealer can also update or delete the transaction before submitting the form.
13. Dealer can take the copy of the e-SUGAM form or e-SUGAM Serial No. for verification
in the checkpost.
14. In case of return of goods or movement of goods after submitting e-SUGAM form, then
dealer can click the CANCEL button and enter the Serial Number of e-SUGAM or date
of submission to select the required form.
Now, enter the reason of the cancellation and click the CANCEL button. Again enter
freshly that transaction for cancelled form, if required and generate new e-SUGAM for
the transaction.

etailed Procedure:
After logging into the VAT e-filing system, the trader will shown the following main page.

In this main page, dealer has to click on the ‘New entry ‘option in ‘Online e-SUGAM’. Once
clicks on this, system takes him/her into the data entry screen for e-SUGAM form as shown

If the dealer has not added the commodities that he is dealing with to the masters, He/She will
not be shown the main screen of e_SUGAM. Dealer has to go to “Reports and Help” “Add
e-SUGAM Commodities” and insert commodities, then come back to e-SUGAM form

 Here, the dealer has to enter the details of his goods that is being transported. The information
asked here in line with e-SUGAM. Here, dealer has to enter the mandatory fields compulsorily,
which is marked with ‘*’. The dealer also has to select the one of the category as filled by him
in e-SUGAM form. In case the dealer tin is not there, he has to enter 29000000000. After
entering these details he has to click the save button, now the system will show him the
following screen.

Dealer can continue entering other e-SUGAM forms or click exit to come out from this screen.
Once he clicks exit button, system takes him to main page. Here he has to select
 the submit button to submit and generate the e-SUGAM form. When he clicks submit button,
he will shown with the following screen

Here dealer will be displayed with all the forms entered by him. Here he has to click on select
button against the form to be submitted and printed. Once select is clicked, he will shown with
the forms details and on click of the submit button, the form will be submitted. Now, he can see
the new page with the serial number for the form as shown below.

Here on click of the print button, system shows the following screen.
Dealer should ensure that Acrobat Reader is installed on his system. Otherwise dealer cannot
see the nest screen. However he can continue printing with “Form Print” type. It is advised to
install “ACROBAT READER” to have better quality print of form.

Here dealer can select the print option in file menu of the Internet Explorer.
On click of the print option, 1 copy of the e-SUGAM form will be printed.
Dealer can take the copy of the e-SUGAM form or e-SUGAM Serial No. for verification
in the checkpost.

Dealer can also upload the XML file containing the details of his/her goods using
the option given in Online e-SUGAM. Then system asks the dealer to select the file
name to be uploaded in the following screen

After uploading the xml file, the next step is to validate the data in the XML file. If
the data is okay, then system allows you to save the details


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