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gst contra entry in tally - lesson 24


Dt: 30.11.2017: VASU & CO open Axis Bank Current A/c and deposit Rs.10,000 to into Bank.

For the above transaction, you have to create two ledgers in tally
1) Axis Bank Current A/c and 
2) Cash

Note: By Default, cash ledger is created by Tally. So no need to create cash ledger. Create only Axis Bank Current A/c ledger.

How to create Bank Account ledger in Tally 

> From Gateway of Tally >  Accounts Info > Ledgers > Create 
Hint: Shortcut key from Gateway of Tally: ALC

In the Ledger Creation Window enter the following Information.
> Enter Ledger name: AXIS CURRENT A/C
> Select Under Group: Bank Accounts 
> Enter Bank Account Details
  1. A/c Holder's Name: VASU & CO
  2. A/c No: 123456123456
  3. IFS Code: Enter 11 digits IFS Code: Eg: UITB0000042
  4. Bank Name: Select Bank Name. Eg: Axis Bank (India)
  5. Branch: Enter your branch Name: Eg: SP Road
and enter other information (i.e: Cheque Book Details, Cheque Printing Configuration, Bank Address, Country, State and GST No) & press ctrl+A to save bank account ledger
how to create bank ledger in tally
create bank ledger in tally
Note: Take care of entering this information. Because this information may be reflected in Invoice

How to Enter contra entry  in tally
Note: Use Contra Voucher when Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawn, Funds transfer between in your internal account.

> From Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F4: Contra 
> Select F2: Date (30.11.2017)
> Account: Select AXIS CURRENT A/C
Hint: Select Account as Receiver. In this example receiver is Axis Current A/c. So Select Axis Current A/c.

> Particular: Select Cash and enter Rs.10,000
> Enter Denominations Details and narration & press Ctrl+A to contra entry.


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