Sunday, February 28, 2016

Know I.E.C (Import and Export Code) Based on Shipping bill Number, Date

You Can find out I.E.C (Import and Export Code) of Exporter based on Shipping bill number and Date.
Follow the following steps:

> Open
> Under Services Tab, Click on Exporter / Importer

> From Left side Panel, Click on Document Status
> From Left side Panel, Click on Shipping Bill

> Select Loading Location (Sea Port, Airport, ICD etc)
> Enter Shipping Bill Number
> Select Shipping Bill Date
> Click on Submit Button

> Click on SB Details

> Now you can find out I.E.C (Import and Export Code) of Exporter.


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  3. Get Import export code which is valid for all the branches or unit of the importer or exporter.

    1. Hi,

      IEC code is valid for importer & exporters and used for all units

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