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Salaried Person - Income Tax Return eFiling made easy

Salaried Persons now can Income Tax Return eFiling. It is very easy for salaried person.Just follow my tutorial and save your money. It's very easy and It's taken less than 20 mins only. You will save your money and also you need not to share your earnings with anyone. Let us see how easy it is.

 Salaried Person required the following documents for Return eFiling

  1. Pan card
  2. Address Proof
  3. Form 16
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Deduction Documents (if any)
  • ·  LIC’s
  • ·  Medical insurance
  • ·  Tuition Fees ( Children’s School Fees)
  • ·  Provident Fund
  • ·  Fixed Deposits

Open Income eFiling Website If You are filing your return first time you must register with your PAN number. It is a one time process.If you have filed your return earlier through tax consultants, they might have registered you. In that case you will not be able to register yourself as PAN is used as user ID and your tax consultants have already used that. So simply dial to your tax consultants and ask the password. If for any reason you can’t get password then use the ‘forgot password‘ option and follow the steps.

After Log in you can see your own page where you can file your return, see your previous returns, and change your personal details. I will advice that check your personal details first. If your tax consultant has created your account then it is  a must. Specially check your mobile number, and email address.
Now lets go ahead to e-file your return. Look at left hand upper corner of the page, there is a link for quick filing. Go through this link now you have to give only ten minutes and your efiling will be complete.

  • Now you have to click on the quick e-File ITR link.
  • Choose ITR-1 if you have only salary income.
  • In most of the cases assessment year would be the current financial year.  If you are filing late return for one year earlier,  choose the previous year as assessment year.
  • There will be three option for address. If your address has not been changed recently then click on second option. You would have opportunity to verify and rectify this. 
  • Most of the people must not have the digital signature, then choose ‘NO’
Personal Details
After submitting you will have the ITR-1 form  before you. In this form most of your  personal detail  would be already there. you have to  only fill Sex, Country, email address, and mobile number. If your address is changed then of course change the address also.

Income Tax Efiling Status
In the next step you have to tell about your filing status.
  1.     A18-  Private company employee should choose ‘Other’ in ‘Employer Category’ column.
  2.     A19 – You can leave tax status column, as it will change according to its calculation.
  3.     A20- Those people who has been more than 180 days in India during last financial year should choose the Resident option in residential status column.
  4.     A21- If you are filing your return before last date then select ‘Before due date’ else ‘After due date’   
  5. In most cases your return should be original unless you are filing revised return for same financial year.   
  6. If you are filing revised return then you have to give additional information about the previous return.

Income Details
After filling the first page don’t forget to save the draft. In the next page you have to fill the income details and tax saving investments. So keep your form-16 handy. Keep in mind that for filing return your ‘income from salary’ is not the gross income. In Form 16 it must be under column ‘Income Chargeable Under The Head ‘Salaries’. Take that figure from form 16.

 If you are earning from house property or bank deposit (interest more than 10,000) then you have to fill this also. Have in mind that tax should be already paid for these other income, If not then deposit the tax online and get the details. You need to give those details with the return. Now you have to give detail of expense or investment which are eligible for tax deductions. If you have declared all the
details to your employer correctly then you should not worry, it will be on Form-16. Take the figures from form-16 and fill the return.

Tax Saving Investment/Expense Details

 Taxes Paid Details:
After filling your income details and deductions now you have to give the information about the tax deducted at source and advance tax if any. In this page there are three sections but if you have only salary income and TDS has been deducted for same, you have to worry about the first section only.  In your form-16 there must be the TAN number of the employer. Also check the correct name of employer in the form-16. Again you have to fill taxable salary for the year. It should be the same
as column B1. Form 16 has the details of TDS. Companies normally submit TDS every quarter so there should be 4 entry of TDS. You have to give the total TDS.

If you have any other income and tax has been deducted before the payment, give details in second section. Tax deductor should give you these details as your company gives in form-16. In case you have submitted some tax yourself (for property income or interest income) then fill the third section. After this page you are almost done.


Tax Payable/Refund Status
In the next page you can see your tax details. If you are eligible  for any tax refund it will be there before Refund column. It is also possible that your company have deducted less tax for any reason then there will be tax payable amount. In this case you have to pay your remaining tax first and then e-file income tax return meanwhile save your filled form as draft. Ideally there should be zero in tax payable and refund column.

Bank Account Details
In the next section you have to give your bank account details. If you have any refund then these details become very important for speedy reimbursement. You have to also give IFSC code. Cheque leaf contains IFSC code. You can also  get if from here. Now submit it, but don’t forget to take printout of ITR-V. Sign in  the ITR-V and send it CPC Banglore. Full address will be in the ITR-V. Send ITR-V only by simple post. With this your income tax return efiling is complete. First timer may take some time to understand and fill it, but in later years it will be definitely a cakewalk. Further you can also e-File income tax return of your acquaintances and relatives also.

Chandrakant Mishra


  1. PAN Card is an important document which is used to pay income tax so know your pan no with your name and DOB for easy to remember.

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