Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Online F-Form Generate (AP Commercial Tax)

Andhrapradesh Commercial Taxes Dept now allows F-Form online Generate facility. It is easy to get F-Form. Just Enter required details and print the F-Form, then issue to Supplier/Seller. 

Follow these steps.
> Open AP Commercial Tax Website
> Click on "eReturns"
> Enter your 'TIN number' and 'E-Return Password'
> From Dealer Profile Table, Select "F Form" radio button.

Fille the Following Details:

  • Month: Select Month from List
  • Year: Select Year from List   
  • Other Dealer TIN: Enter 11 digit Seller TIN Number    
  • Other Dealer Name: Enter Seller Name 
  • Other Dealer Address: Enter Seller Address 
  • Invoice No: Enter Purchase Invoice Number 
  • Invoice Date: Enter Purchase Invoice Date (Date must be "ddmmyyyy" Format)
  • Vehicle No.: Enter Vehicle Number ( If Vehicle number is not applicable when goods are transported through: If by Parcel service mention: By Parcel,  If goods are transported by train mention: By Train,If goods are transported by courier mention: By Courier)
  • Value: Enter Purchase Invoice Total Value 
  • Place From which consigne: Select the state, which is purchase goods from which state.
  • Transport Name: Enter Transporter name   Ex: By DTDC, BLUE DART, Etc., ( If Transporters name is not applicable mention By Train/ By Courier )
  • Commodity: Select Commodity from the List. If Commodity is not found in the list, select Others from the list. If Multiple commodities are multiple, select Multiple goods from the list. 
  • Quantity: Enter Quantity as Number (ex: 20). If Commodity selected is ‘Multiple Goods’, enter the total quantity number.   
  • Unit of Measurement: Select unit from list like MTS, Quintals, KGs. In case of ‘Multiple Goods’, use NA as Unit of measurement
> After enter the all details, click on "Add Invoice"
> Now you can see uploaded date. > If you update another invoice (You can add Maximum Five Invoices) just re-enter the Invoice Details, then click on "Update Invoice"
> After uploaded completed, Just verify all Details, then click on "Generate Waybill/F-Form"

Print the C-Form:

From the 'e-WAYBILLS/C, F FORMS' Tab, Click on "REPRINT FORM"
Form Type: Select 'F Form'
From Date & To Date: Enter F-Form Utilised Dates

Click on required F-Form.
Take the print. (Recommended Browser "Internet Explorer")

If you have face any trouble for uploading F-Form, please post your comments on comments box, then we will solve  your problem.  


  1. Actually i have uploaded data for F_form.I clicked on generate F-form.It said dat data have been saved.But on clicking on reprint form its not opening.

  2. can you any one telling me how to upload F-Form data in Telangana. website.


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