Friday, August 23, 2013

Tally ERP9 Series C


Unlimited Volume Handling
The architecture will now support multiple database file servers – with users reading and writing to any of these automatically. In the event of a server failure, users connected to this server will start working on the other server(s), ensuring that your IT systems continue to work uninterrupted. The failed server can be set right and reconnected – live – while the system is running, data will be updated and users will connect again to take advantage of the new server power available.

High Availability & Continuity System
Series C will support several technical capabilities to boost availability and business continuity. Take live backups. Without the need to shut down operations, or slow them down, you can perform backups. In the case of a disaster, and your needing to restore from these backups, the process will be as simple as pointing to the backup – and you are up and ready. Business continuity and time-to-recover could be less than an hour!

Tally.ERP 9 will extend the label of 'availability' to product availability as well - ensuring that connected systems in a deployment are automatically brought up to the right version and configuration, without requiring the intervention of the IT department.

High Extendibility & Integrate-ability
Tally.ERP 9, from Series C onwards, is more extendable with TDL.

Integration of Process Engines to the Data Exchange Servers will allow Tally.ERP 9 to be an 'integrated' client or server to any other application - either through direct seamless interaction or through EAI buses.

Collaborative Commerce Engine using Tally.NET
Series C includes the ability to 'find' new suppliers and buyers who meet your criteria - virtually 'extending' your business reach. You can be 'discovered' by others, and you can 'discover' others and start commerce with them. Of course, your existing suppliers and buyers interaction will be simplified and made more paperless and more transparent (no more 'we will fax you the dispatch details'… if it is dispatched, you will know - if it is not, you will know!).

Rule Based Access/Process/Workflow Configurations
The Workflow capabilities in Series C will enable real, usable & practical use of helping your organization to work - with dashboards, document links that can be mailed, 'on behalf of' activities, exception reporting and a security system that is as broad or granular as needed – and configurable on-the-fly, as you use the product.

This implies that this process will also follow our legendary 'incrementally implement' philosophy - keeping the entire process so light-weight that you will not require an army of business process re-engineering consultants to force-fit the way you work into a rigid workflow system.

Publish-to-sell combining Payment Engine and Tally.NET
Collaborative commerce gets a further boost with publish-to-sell capabilities – making your products available to the entire Tally customer ecosystem.

'Mark' specific inventory as 'publish for online sales'. Integrated with our payment engine, interested people could make a purchase, without the need for you to integrate a shopping cart and e-commerce engines - we'll even handle the finance flow as well as the PO into your system!.

Field Force Automation
Fully mature connectivity, remote users, the workflow and Tally.NET capabilities, as well as more pervasive mobile computing

by the time of Series C, will put the power of Tally.ERP 9 in the hands of your mobile workforce - sales, engineering and support.

Complex BoM and Materials Requirement Calculations
While the Bill of Material capabilities available for many years will continue to be extended, broad based and powered, this Release will provide support for BoM's with tens of thousands of components, alternates, re-order & MOQ, multi-location warehouses, lead times, open PO's, material in QA and in transit to support the most complex material calculations that you will need.

Coupled with the connected world of suppliers, their stock numbers, lead times and prices, we expect that BoM management, cost computation and projected timelines will ease the burden of your stocking problems and warehouse costs.


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