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RTGS & NEFT PAYMENT - User Manual (

RTGS & NEFT PAYMENT -  User Manual

The VAT/CST dealer can make payment of tax due related to monthly Return before or after filing the Return online.
Steps for making ePayment:

1.    Select Type of Tax     -     Select VAT or CST.
2.    Enter TIN                    -     Enter 11 digits TIN.               
3.    Name of the Firm       -     Populated by the system automatically.        
4.    Name of the
      Prop/Mg. Prtr/MD       -     Populated by the system automatically.
5.    Select purpose            -     By default it is shown as “Return Tax”
6.    Enter Tax Period         -     Select Month and Year from the list..
7.    Enter Amount              -     Enter amount in Rupees (Eg.: 50250) only. The dealer can make
payment of exact amount of tax due as per the Return or can make part-payment. Dealer can also make multiple part-payments for the same tax period.
Do not enter in Crores, Lakhs, Thousands etc. like 1.50 lakhs
Do not enter the commas, decimals, paise etc. like 2,456.45, 4,789.00
Once dealer enters the details, he will be directed to Treasury Department website. Select RTGS from the List. System will generate Challan. Print Challan. Read instructions written on Challan to transfer amount to CTD through RTGS system. Your Bank will issue RTGS receipt.
There is no need to handover the RTGS receipt to the C.T. Department. The successful payment details, along with the challan number will be automatically transferred to C.T.Department and the respective payment (VAT/CST) gets updated against the tax liability of the dealer.

The Payment receipt can be generated at CTD website also. But it may be available after some delay as system generates Receipt only after the Bank has transferred payment details to CTD system. Some times, this information is received the next day of Payment.
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