> Open AP Commercial Tax e-waybills website http://waybills.apct.gov.in/waybills/
> Enter you TIN Number and PWD
> Click on CST or VAT Waybills
> Fill all Required data
> Click on Add Invoice and then
> Click on Generate Waybill.

After waybill generate completed, you will get 3 copies (original, duplicate, triplicate ).
Put your company seal & sign it.
Keep triplicate for office copy, and use original & duplicate for transporter.

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  1. I think its get change and updated with time.

    Landlord forms

  2. is signature n stamp required on online Waybill

  3. is signature n stamp required on online Waybill

  4. @ Mr.Manish pareek,

    Require company stamp and signature on 3 waybills copies (Original, Duplicate, Triplicate)

  5. In advance e-waybill is there any requirement for Signature & stamp. after generating advance waybill sign & stamp is required or soft copy we have to send party.

  6. @ Ramdayakar,

    Original, Duplicate, Triplicate waybills must require signature and seal.

  7. How to fill way bill for 1 invoice with 2 vehicle, shall we have to generate 2 waybill or single waybill. if single how to mention Package or Qty. if 2 waybills how to mention Value of the invioce.?

  8. Dear Mr.Chandrashekar,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You must generate one waybill for one vehicle. Just mention total Invoice value for both waybills.


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