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FAQ for e-Filing of Return (Westbengal Value Added Tax - wbcomtax.nic.in)

User ID and Password related Problem

Problem 1: (i) Letter containing User ID and Password not received by Dealer
(ii) Dealer received the letter containing only User ID but no password.
(iii) In the letter sent by the Directorate, password not legible.
Solution : Contact ISD section of Directorate of Commercial Taxes to obtain User ID
and password.

Change Password problem

Problem 2: Error while entering data in the ‘Change Password’ page
Solution : Read the messages thrown by the system carefully. Fill-up the form as
suggested by the messages thrown by the system.
a) If password composition does not contain special character and a
number then error message will display the same.
b) If password length is more than 8 characters then it will display the error
c) If the new password entered in ‘New Password’ is not the same as the
password entered in ‘Re-enter Password’

Problem 3: In ‘change password’ form new password entered is more than 8 characters.
Solution : Keep the password character length to 8. Combination of 8 Characters will
be of at least one number and one special character from the list mentioned
in user manual except at 1st and 8th position of password. Read the User

Problem 4: Could not log on, Shows Invalid User ID
Solution : Make sure that the ‘Change Password’ operation was done.
If so, then try to log on with the changed password – do not use the password
sent with the letter.
If unsuccessful click ‘Forgot Password’ .
During ‘Change Password’ if valid email ID was entered in e-mail then
generated password will be send to email-ID.

Problem 5: Password changed and forgot.
Solution : Click ‘Forgot Password’ and new generated password will be send to the
email ID given in ‘Change Password’ form. After receiving the new
password in email, login using new password send in the email and after
login, please change the password using ‘Change Password’ Form as given
in the ‘User Manual'

Acrobat / site related
Problem 6: Could not open the PDF forms.
Solution : If Acrobat Reader lower version is installed in the machine, uninstall the
same. Download Acrobat Reader 8.1 from the link provided in the website
and install the same.

Problem 7: Slow response in entering ‘Change Password’ form / Adobe Acrobat 8.1
downloading takes substantial time / Downloading PDF version takes lot of
Solution : Use broadband / fast internet connection. Use PC having high configuration.
Recommended RAM is 1 GB although 512 MB RAM may be workable.

Problem 8: Takes substantial time to open the acrobat pages
Solution : Wait for some time if machine configuration is low. Check whether Antivirus
is active.

Problem 9: Downloaded ZIP files cannot be opened.
Solution : Case I – unzip using Extract utility
 Right click the zip file
 Click Extract All to unzip.
Case II – using zip utility other than extract in Windows XP
 Uninstall your zip utility software like winzip.
 Then download and install again one zip utility software like winzip.
 Try to open zip file with the zip utility software
Problem 10 : Data entry not possible in PDF files
Solution : Make sure that Acrobat version is 8.1. If Acrobat software version is less
than 8.1 then uninstall it and install again.

Form related

Problem 11 : Could not insert more than 3 rows in ‘information on issue and receipt of
tax invoices’ item ( Ref. No 47 on Form 14)
Solution : If more than one branch exist for one dealer then enter the From No (
Serial No) and To No. (Serial No.) of Main Branch.
Information relating to other branch should be submitted in printed format
along with the acknowledgement number.

Problem 12 : In Item No 47. of Main Form “Tax invoices received for purchases from
W.B.” existing 3 columns might not be required to be filled for some
Solution : Enter one minimum amount such as Rs. 0.001 in the Amount of purchase
(Rs.) column.

Problem 13 : In PART A of Main Form at “Purchases of capital goods taxable at the
rate of ----%” (Ref No. 8) if more than one “----%” is applicable.
Solution : Enter purchase of capital goods taxable in Column A and enter eligible
ITC to be claimed in Column B.
In case 4% and 12.5% is applicable in capital goods then enter total
purchase of capital goods for both rates in Column A and enter total
eligible ITC claimed in Column B.

Problem 14 : If any of the Annexure forms viz. Annexure B Part I, Part II or Part III is
not applicable i.e. Purchase details, Sale to Registered Dealers details or
Sale to Unregistered Dealers details is nil.
Solution : If no data is entered in the Annexure Form then VAT RC No. and Return
period has to be entered and Form is to be saved and XML file generated
for upload.

Problem 15 : In Annexure B- PART I, PART II, PART III , two or more entries for each
Dealer cannot be entered.
Solution : In Annexure B at PART I, PART II, PART III Purchase/Sale from one
Dealer can be inserted only once for same commodity

Problem 16 : Payment Details fields Challan No. ( Ref No 45 ) filled with characters
cannot be submitted.
Solution : Enter only numeric value in the Challan No field.

Problem 17 : Bank Branch Name was not present in the PDF form. So, at the time of
uploading some errors regarding wrong Branch Name are thrown.
Solution : Input ‘Main Branch’ when branch name not found in the form.

Problem 18 : Dealer has been selected for eReturn but dealer submits 14D form not
available for eReturn.
Solution : Dealer will write a letter to the Directorate to allow manual submission of
14D form at CRRU counter.

Problem 19 : In Form Item 41.(a) third column in case of Decimal value actual value
does not allow the cursor to move.
Solution : Enter value in such a way that it will remain 1paisa or 2 paisa lower than
the actual value. Example : Rs. 25.45 will be Rs. 25.449

Problem 20 : PDF form fields not calculating automatically
Solution : Use 'Tab' key for cursor movement and automatic
calculation within the fields of the PDF form instead of mouse.




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