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How to Add a comments in MS - Excel 2007

Add a comment

  1. Select the cell that you want to add a comment to.
  2. On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click New Comment.

Keyboard shortcut  You can also press SHIFT+F2.
A new comment is created, and the pointer moves to the comment. An indicator appears in the corner of the cell.
By default, the new comment is labeled with a name. To use a different name, you can select the name in the comment, and then type a new name. Or, you can remove the name by pressing DELETE.
 Note   To change the default name that is used for comment labels, see the section Change the default name that is displayed in new comments, later in this article.
  1. In the body of the comment, type the comment text.
  2. Click outside the comment box.
The comment box disappears, but the comment indicator remains. To keep the comment visible, do the following:
a)      Select the cell.
b)      In the Comments group on the Review tab, click Show/Hide Comment.
 Tip:  You can also right-click the cell that contains the comment, and then click Show/Hide  Comments.
  • By default, text in comments uses the font Tahoma in font size 8. You cannot change the default font that is used, but you can change the format of the comment text in each comment by right-clicking selected comment text, and then clicking Format Comment. For more information, see the section Format a comment, later in this article.
  • When you sort data in a worksheet, comments are sorted together with the data. However, in PivotTable reports, comments do not move with the cell when you change the layout of the report.


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