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What is C Form ?

 What is C Form ?
C-Form is a certificate issued as proof of CST Purchase. This form can be obtained from sales tax dept. The seller has to obtained this form – C from the purchaser and show it to the sales tax dept to get tax exemption. In case if the purchaser does not release the Form – C the seller has to pay the Tax at the time of sales tax assessments.

Form C is issued by the dealer for purchasing goods from the dealer out side the state in which he resides the effect can be understood my looking at following example If Mr A Registered Dealer in Hyderabad (AP) wants to purchase goods from Mr B a registered dealer in Mumbai.Mr B who is selling the goods will charge VAT @ 4% or 12.5% on the goods if Mr A issues him “C” Form then Mr B should Charge him CST @ 2% so Mr A is SAving Tax.

It will be safe for the seller if he can get a D.D. for the tax amount of the goods which is sold to the purchaser. Because sometime the purchaser fail to provide the form – C to the seller due to unknown reasons, at this time this D.D. which is collected will be off much helpful to the seller.

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  1. what if billing adress is within the state but material is dispatched out of the state? pls reply

  2. what if billing address is within the state and goods dispatch out of state ?

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